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Inducing the "Wow" Factor

We create transformational immersive experiences that AI machines cannot
Amore Designwerks works in immersive (fulldome and 360), and non-immersive formats
(HD, 4K, and 8K) with clients, collaborators, and artists. From initial concepts to delivery, we create transformational experiences for audiences of all ages that induce the "Wow" Factor.
Fulldome Sizzle Reel
Lemontree Studios Immersive Installation
  • Consultation

  • Installation

  • Content Creation

  • Unreal Engine

Phantom Labs Red Bull Concept
  • Scene Creation

  • Character animation

  • Lighting & Texturing

  • C4D/Redshift

ArchViz 360 Demo
  • Modeling, texturing, rendering

  • Cinema4D/Redshift

Childish Gambino Dome Installation
  • Dome construction crew

  • Timelapse video + editing

BRÅVES LIve Fulldome Concert
  • Fulldome VJ Content Creation

  • Live Fulldome VJ Performance

Constantine Fulldome Promo  
  • Scene creation and modeling

  • Lighting

  • Texturing

  • Animation

Abandoned Asylum Fulldome Demo
  • Scene Creation / Modeling

  • Texturing

  • Lighting

  • Animation

  • C4D

ArchViz 360 Demo


• Modeling

• Scene Creation

• 360 degree rendering

• 360 degree editing

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