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Dedicated to Artistic Craft

On a ballet stage, in a VR headset, or projected fulldome, Amore Designwerks delivers finely-honed digital content since 2011.
Brianna Amore, 3D + Immersive Animation Director, Creative Director

Unreal Engine

Cinema 4D/Redshift

Adobe Creative Suite

Environment Design

3D Modeling

Problem solving

Visual Communications Valedictorian 2001 of AUArts in Calgary, Canada, Brianna started her career as an Environmental Graphic Designer at Gottschalk + Ash International. There she worked on large-scale architectural graphic projects for hospitals, airports, convention centers, and museums. In 2007 Brianna’s team won the Society of Environmental Graphic Designers (SEGD) top award for work with Alberta Hospital Ponoka. 

While working as a designer Brianna became involved with electronic music festivals in Western Canada where she toured with a 36 foot dome providing a transformational space for attendees. In 2006 she co-founded and produced Entheos Gathering, contributing to the forging what’s now known as the West Coast electronic music festival vibe.


In 2009, Brianna relocated to California where she taught herself 3D animation and eventually landed in Los Angeles to focus her career on immersive and fulldome content production for Vortex Immersion Media and other clients. In 2021 she won the coveted "Audience Choice Award" for her work on the short fulldome film "The Journey". 

Brianna also earned a Bachelor of Science, double-majoring in Psychology and Geography, U of Calgary; there, she focused on Human Perception and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). 

For more information visit Brianna's LinkedIn

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